My 2nd Year Exhibition

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As the year comes to an end, the second year of the Product Design degree course is encouraged to exhibit their work in a small studio exhibition. It was a fun, and interesting experience to be able to explain and describe our ideas and processes to family, friends and possible employers.

What is the best way too display your graphic presentation?

I have designed a concept for “Brompton cycles” its is essentially a quick release interchangeable bike wheel, but i am wondering how to display my product(s). Do i strive towards impact, and minimalist focus? or do i supply information and create a little less mystery but a little more insight?


Here Vitra have taken a real graphic approach to their display, but it works. It expresses the elegance and balance within the office chair product, but does it through a graphic representation, with only a small blurb to describe the theory of the product. It is almost like a little puzzle for me to solve, why is this chair balanced so well? why have they done this? is it because its an extremely light, well made product? …..


Dyson’s new blade less fan heater advertisement does both, is shows the product in a face on display, nicely rendered, but on the other side it gives a little insight into the technology used. that way people have a visual and functional understanding. I think they have really hit it with their display.

The quesiton is, what is more effective?