Long Time No Blog…

So I haven’t posted on here in over 5 months, and I have no-one to blame but myself! I apologize to everyone but now I am back on the horse and ready to ride.

The reasons for not posting are; I have been extremely busy with an internship that I landed in September 2013, at Skyline Displays in Eagan Minnesota… I have been coaching a youth soccer team which I enjoy thoroughly… I have also been playing in soccer leagues… I have been generally spending my time in this arctic winter reading and adding to my skills armory more as a designer, becoming more self aware and honing in my talents.

I also love to play acoustic guitar, and that finds its way into every day somehow!

So – watch…this…space.

Sketching, rendering and generally playing with brushes

So i started to sketch and render a drawing of one of my favorite football boots. from here I am just going to play with the appearance, colors and graphics to see what i think looks best. This is more experimental as I often think its good to have a little strategy and routine to get  you going on a render.

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Internship Opportunity

I have an internship year during my degree which starts in June, 2013. I am really excited at the fact that i have dual citizenship with the USA, and am hoping to go to Minnesota where I have some family! So if anyone is browsing and knows of any internship search engines or opportunities that would be great!

Concept CC Bike Wheel


The final prototype of my Concept Bike wheel which I will present to my peers and lecturers on Friday the 25th of January. I will post explaining its function later but this image is to primarily show the prototyping and my abilities. The rim was sourced from ebay as a standard 16″x1.75 steel bike wheel, the 2mm sheet steel bracket shapes have been fabricated by gas welding together 3 shapes, and the brackets are welded to the rim using MIG welding. The weld beads were then filled with P38 body filler and sanded, primed and sprayed with white refridgerator enamel based aerosol. The central Blue fan shape is a blue foam composite which has been laser cut and shaped by hand, then coated with emulsion, filler primer, and aerosol.