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A slo – mo video showing an AK47 firing underwater is pretty cool in itself, but the science behind it is even cooler. Destin from ‘smarter every day’ explains to use why an oscillating bubble occurs, how the water is parting even before the bullet reaches it, and why there are two different kinds of bubbles caused here. Thanks Destin!

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Long Time No Blog…

So I haven’t posted on here in over 5 months, and I have no-one to blame but myself! I apologize to everyone but now I am back on the horse and ready to ride.

The reasons for not posting are; I have been extremely busy with an internship that I landed in September 2013, at Skyline Displays in Eagan Minnesota… I have been coaching a youth soccer team which I enjoy thoroughly… I have also been playing in soccer leagues… I have been generally spending my time in this arctic winter reading and adding to my skills armory more as a designer, becoming more self aware and honing in my talents.

I also love to play acoustic guitar, and that finds its way into every day somehow!

So – watch…this…space.

Valentines Cause

Anyone who sees this, my friend george is engaged to his fiance who lives in korea. He is a recent graduate and is working as an unpaid intern, if you feel like you can help him get his fiance to the uk to marry her, go ahead. If not hopefully they make it another way.

MNML Thing

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MNML Thing Illustration project by Spencer Harrison

MNML Thing Illustration project by Spencer Harrison
Melbourne Illustrator, Spencer Harrison from HAPPY STÜDIO, has a daily illustration project called MNML Thing. Each day he creates images of everyday objects inspired by minimal forms and bright colours. Each image is available as an A4 giclee print for $35! Apart from building a wonderful stock library of illustrations, Harrison is expanding the project into (endless!) applications. He is currently working on a set of alphabet cards for kids and more!

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I have recently written a near 4000 word report titled; leadership & Group Dynamics In Context. Some may view this as an intimidating task, but after the first few pieces of background reading, and theory study, it really spoke to me. I was able to evaluate myself and although i always knew i was confident and able, i never really put myself in a leadership position. However after writing said report, performing experiments, and studying theory, I have learnt in confidence that i can lead, and with successful results. From now i will jump at these leading role opportunities, and embrace where it may take me! I encourage anyone to evaluate themselves, and really look at their abilities as member of a team, and an individual, improve your weaknesses and push your strengths..