About samd432

Howdy! I'm Sam, I'm 20, I'm a student and I'm interested in a massive array of things. Mainly things that improve our lives, designs, products, I like things that make me go.."wow that is a really slick idea!" Like everyone else i have hobbies and interests.. i love surfing, music photography and generally impressive things, but remember it doesn't have to do 1000 things to be impressive, and it certainly doesn't have to be man made. I guess this site is a record of my thoughts, findings and things i face in life that i think i need opinions on, or that other people should really take a look at. Knowledge has a lot of value in this world, i prefer it to money, its harder to loose!

This is Awesome!


A slo – mo video showing an AK47 firing underwater is pretty cool in itself, but the science behind it is even cooler. Destin from ‘smarter every day’ explains to use why an oscillating bubble occurs, how the water is parting even before the bullet reaches it, and why there are two different kinds of bubbles caused here. Thanks Destin!

See more of his videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/destinws2