Age Old

This is a live project beginning Feb 2013

The global demographic profile has shifted as life expectancy has increased and birth rates have dropped. This trend will become even more pronounced over the next half century.
This will mean renegotiating the rights and responsibilities of old age and this in turn, will mean re-examining the services and products needed to support social change.

Outcome: To design and produce a product that will either EXTEND WORKING LIFE or EXTEND INDEPENDENT LIVING, up to a working prototype stage of the product. Liaise with target user for evaluation

Research: I have been in contact with a number of the elderly generation discussing what they find hard, day to day or things that are restricting them from an independent lifestyle. With visits to the DLC (Daily Living Centre), where they give a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity for people buying living aid equipment, I am beginning to expand my knowledge and grasp the issues that my target audience may face.

A meeting this week with the chairman of the Brighton division of Remap, a national charitable organization that offers one off tailor-made living aid solutions to people who desie to keep their independence. Or who need a solution that is not offered by mainstream care. Remap who are made up mostly of engineers and some designers work closely with a number of occupational therapists, who refer the patients and suggest that they could “really do with something to help them….” and from there Remap designers and engineers meet and produce a solution. They are a non-profit group, who use next to no marketing or charge for their services, give so much to people and expect so little from people who need their help. A truly inspiring service.

The meeting with chairman really opened my eyes to the reality of solutions and problems. It  was very productive for me, it gave me not only some new aspects to look at and information to absorb, but a reassurance that i am on the right track for something I have yet to understand fully.

With the closing of my second year at the University Of Brighton, comes the end of the Age-Old project. A project which taught me a lot about interacting with my target user, and really approaching things from a sensitive, and almost philosophical way. Take a look at my journey through the project here ..

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