If You Didn’t Judge Me From My Posts…

Howdy!  I’m Sam, I’m 20,and I’m currently a 2nd year Product Design student at Brighton university, having since relocated to Minneapolis MN, I am searching for a work placement from June 2013 onwards as part of my Placement year programme.

Brighton town is fantastic, I love the culture diversity, the arts and design, architecture and the brilliant night life, there is always something going on… I have recently relocated from Brighton to Minneapolis MN! The big USA, the move was great as Minneapolis is a similar city, thriving and industrious.

I’m interested in a massive array of things. Mainly things that improve our lives, activities, designs, products, I like things that make me go..”wow that is a really slick idea!” Like everyone else I have hobbies and interests.. I love music, (I play guitar and percussion) photography and surfing, being in the sea, a part of something bigger is a feeling I’ve grown to love. I have respect for generally impressive things, but remember it doesn’t have to do 1000 things to be impressive, and it certainly doesn’t have to be man made.

I’m a big music junkie, I think music is something were born to enjoy, who doesn’t get the urge to whistle a catchy tune?

I guess this site is a record of my thoughts, findings and things I face in life that I think I need opinions on, or that other people should really take a look at. Knowledge has a lot of value in this world, i prefer it to money, its harder to loose!

I also feel you should never be afraid to do something edgy, iv had bad feedback, and so have the great leaders in our world. After all you cant discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Of course it would be in-polite if i did’nt invite you to take a look at my Photography library… check it out at
or My linkedIn at…
Sam Donaldson

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