Eco-o.k (e-cook) is a kitchen based tablet that will improve not only your culinary experience, but your footprint on the planet, your overall ingenuity with objects and still offer the features of an everyday tablet.

Eco-o.k will provide features such as ‘smart chef’ where you simply key in your ingredients whether you have a few random items, or want to take a diffferent approach to a familliar ecipe, and the smart chef will provide a list of recipes you could follow including cooking, prep and washing times. It even offers alternative options as to how to dispose of your waste. for example shredded thin card makes an excellent accompanyment to flower beds to stop insects from getting to the plant, and is great at holding in water.

Eco-o.k will also alert you of food that is due to go out of date, send you an sms alert or email and inform you of what foods are due to go bad, and offer a list of recipes including these ingredients 24 hours prior to the use-by-date to ensure you food waste is a thing of the past.

you will be able to scan the barcode from your recipt, product packaging, inbuilt product database, or the checkout screen at the shop or website, which will enter all the food details into Eco-o.k with one simple ‘beep’ and it will store this information for approx 4 months at which point it will be deleted to make room for the new.

Eco-o.k will also have wireless internet access so you can acces the web anytime, using an oliphobic easy clean touch screen combined with an ergonomically sound operating system. this allows you to access ‘Eco-o.k community’ where other Eco-o.k users can acces your personal uploaded recipes, and download as they wish, you can even film yourself cooking using the Eco-o.k’s 12mega-pixel camera and upload your own videos.

Eco-o.k community will show what recipes are trending, what new recipes have been added, and will also offer updates from participating companies, such as food suppliers, culinary associations, famous chefs and news from electrolux itself.

top chefs say that presentation is 50% of the success of a meal so Using Eco-o.ks 3 Dimensional projector it can project to you the final dish so you can see how to present and serve it, or if you are stuck on a certain aspect it can show you ‘how to’. you can now give feedback and comments to all recipes available, even from top chefs!

Eco-o.k can also double as a weighing scale, and it can inform you of in depth details of any food or process using the ‘tell me more’ function.

19/3/2012 – brand identity and graphic design principles

due to the nature of the blue skies projects that  people involved in ozone are doing, it has been decided that the company will not focus solely on furniture, artwork and recycled items, but include it in the eco focus of the mission statement.


for instance my blue skies project has taken a turn towards technology advances, aiding us in return to create a greener civilization. i have pretty much settled upon a product i have named Eco-o.k.

12/3/2012 social dynamics and tecnology forecasting in blueskies.

whilst working on my blue skies project ( a futuristic assumption based design brief, in which you take an existing brief and work on it in a blue skies fashion) i really considered social dynamics, linked with technological advances deciding that in the technology race we should not strive to find ways to occupy our time in fantasy games or design proucts that need designated time to use, but intertwine our lives with the benefits of technological advances.

a computer does not forget, since the first alarm clock or pda reminder setting, there has been that function available. now with high speed wireless internet access in so many locations, and the growing popularity of online communities and social networking, we as a race need to learn to really extort these not just for pleasure but for a better way of life.

the youth of the world are the future, they are setting trends, deciding what they want and how they want it. all be it the older generations provide guidance and do have effect on the choices made, but the ‘facebook generation’ have the final say. which is why i think global technology needs to be infiltrated with a worldwide ‘world-smart’ campaign not only aimed at the production stage but the content of whats being produced, and how it effects its user. untill an automated robotic servant can literally do things for us, it is down to cunning influence to get us motivated to make better choices, through intellegent semiotics, incredible ergonomics and outstanding technology 

with the endless resource that is the internet and its blogs/web info/societies/online communities/discoveries etc we should use its popularity with the younger public to advertise the benefits of a greener life through a medium that is constantly familliar to them and will eventually be to all the civilized world.

which is what i intend to do for my blue skies product, to produce a product which combines thorough sensory appeal with evolving and predicted technology to create an easier, simpler, ‘greener’ lifestyle.




Eco furniture…

a home grown chair? a flatpack, self-assemble cardboard armchair frame, which you place in the yard and fill with soil and grass seeds. If looked after like a good lawn, it becomes a cosy eco armchair…. i would love one of these in my garden!




Avocado stones? … well stone me!

i was making a delightful bacon and avocado sandwich this morning, and thought to myself how many of these avocado stones must get thrown away over the land, such a smooth natural texture and organic shape, surely there must be a use for them? so i took the first step and googled it (cliche) and came across this website

a simple yet genius idea to set up a site informing people of how to recycle certain things, i mean not many people will check the information on packaging, and general objects like stones etc do not have packaging. i just thought it showed a real sincerity ad caring for the well being of the environment, but also an arts and crafts twist with optional reuse/ recycle methods.


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just a quick thought

i wish companies took more responsibility for eco friendly solutions, and tried harder to find a way to be as ‘green’ as possible. so what if it means spending a few more £’s? the planet we live on is more important than that executive model vehicle or that nice watch.