20/2/2012 setting up a ‘Company’ and generating a mission statement

after much deliberation we have decided to name our company ‘Ozone’ designs. this is relevant as the mission statement of our organization is to globalize, and simplify modern recycling and green living. similar to the focus of numerous current businesses, but we hope to attack the issue from an individual angle. through simple yet effective and available products.


Ozone Designs –  making green living, simple living.

Research methods and cultural probing 20/2/2012


today we covered ways to gain information through research methods such as cultural probing and instant primary recording at the point an idea is generated.

Culltural Probes: Cultural probes are a way of gathering information about peoples interests and acvtivities, through a self-recording as opposed to observational techniques. the information gathered in the probe is usually most valuable in the early design process.

Methods of cultural probing can be:

  • Video diary
  • photographed and annotated thoughts
  • written diary entries
  • text message entries

but all methods rely on the subject being committed enough to go through with the research methods accurately and properly, so the easier the better. I personally would pt for text message diary entries, as most people have a phone with camera feature, therefore an annotated picture sent to a designated number would be ideal, being that the number is freephone, or a refund is available for the sender.

This type of research method is useful to most industries and companies, who are either basing their target audience or aiming their product at a certain restricted audience, or they just need to gather a range of recorded ideas which could lead to gaps in the market.

We participated in a self study version of this culutural probing, and analysed our own day in terms of activities and attitudes. This led us to find gaps in the market for possible product design ideas.

A cultural probe i have designed for my blue-skies -eco-cookbook, is to have a supplied container, and all food waste and packaging etc is to be put in this container and returned to me after a week, the waste is analyzed for features like the most wasted food etc and a brochure is returned to the participant to explain how this waste can be reduced.

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i will be using…


i will be using this post to record ideas, lectures and general thoughts i have during my professional practice module, on the product design course at Brighton university. hopefully it becomes a useful activity, fingers crossed.

My first entry is about general approaches to design. There are different ways a company can approach design, from a technology push led approach in which they would ride the ever evolving wave of technology development to create new products through combinations of technology aspects or finding new niches in the market that previous technologies seem to lack, using feedback from previous customers who may have said things like ‘it could do with a mute button’ etc

Another angle is a socially led approach. The consumer determines what products sell as they are who buys them, to really harness this idea, companies monitor social trends, fads, and the general direction that the public is heading whether it be from social network interaction to the newest sports shoe, the trends will show where the newest market gap is to be found.

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